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Building strong health system, Education and livelihood in community for attainment of improved capacities for quality health care, innovation and development.

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Enroll with our top-rated institute today to advance your education and career. We offer a variety of courses and programs with qualified instructors, state-of-the-art facilities, and a supportive environment to help you achieve your goals. Gain essential skills or boost your credentials for a brighter future. Join us now!

Our Statistics

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Our staff are experienced, collaborative, and approachable, with excellent communication and interpersonal skills to deliver quality service.

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We have a comfortable and collaborative environment with clear expectations and rules. A well-organized environment to boost your motivation and learning outcomes.

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Well equipped computer laboratory to enhance students digital integration

Our Academic Priciples

Academically Nile Institute of Health Sciences believe in

Integrity and credibility

We offer services of superb quality based on our accumulated, extensive, and profound knowledge and experience because we are as much open to our stakeholders as we promise to deliver success.

Quality Education

A quality education is the right of every learner. We make higher learning accessible, simple, efficient, and standard to produce competent health workforce to deliver quality health care services

Team Work

Build strong team because we bring together individual’s abilities into our corporate power. In working as a team that includes our clients, we also share a common goal with our clients and take full advantage of each other’s wisdom and experience.

Accountability, Commitment, and transparency

Manage resources responsibly through accurate measurement and communication of performance to the people we serve for continues improvement of services delivery.

Gender responsiveness, unity, and equity

Respect diversity of talented individuals regardless of sex, races, ethnicity, or tribe. We share a corporate culture of mutually respecting individual abilities and in turn helping one another. Our growth is our nation’s growth.

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Gudele 2 Block 7, Juba  –  South Sudan

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